Banking malware Dridex attacking Mac, MacBook computers with sneaky infection method

If you use a Mac or MacBook, beware that a banking malware known as Dridex is moving on from attacking Windows computers and is now going after Macs using email attachments that look like regular documents.  CLICK TO GET KURT’S CYBERGUY NEWSLETTER WITH QUICK TIPS, TECH REVIEWS, SECURITY ALERTS AND EASY HOW-TO’S TO MAKE YOU … Read more

China defends its COVID handling after WHO, Biden say Beijing is under-reporting deaths

China defended on Thursday its handling of its raging COVID-19 outbreak after U.S. President Joe Biden voiced concern and the World Health Organisation (WHO) said Beijing was under-reporting virus deaths. The WHO’s emergencies director, Mike Ryan, said on Wednesday that Chinese officials were under-representing data on several fronts, some of the U.N. agency’s most critical … Read more

Germany’s relationship with Iran under fire as weak link against regime

Germany’s longstanding efforts to conduct business with the Islamic Republic of Iran include a robust trade relationship at a time when the regime has reportedly killed at least 700 protesters and arrested as many as 19,000.  Berlin is facing intense criticism for placating Tehran. The protests across Iran in response to the murder of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini have … Read more

Cardinal Pell, ex-adviser to Pope Francis, dies at 81

Cardinal George Pell, a one-time financial adviser to Pope Francis, died Tuesday in Rome at the age of 81. Pell suffered fatal heart complications after undergoing hip surgery, according to Archbishop Peter Comensoli, Pell’s successor as archbishop of Melbourne. Pell was in Rome for Pope Benedict XVI’s funeral last week. Notably, Pell had spent more … Read more

Are you overpaying for Netflix?

Over 223 million people around the world use Netflix to stream their favorite movies and TV shows, so it makes sense for its subscription costs to increase now and then.  CLICK TO GET KURT’S CYBERGUY NEWSLETTER WITH QUICK TIPS, TECH REVIEWS, SECURITY ALERTS AND EASY HOW-TO’S TO MAKE YOU SMARTER However, you might be overpaying … Read more

Stronger limits proposed to control deadly soot pollution in the US

The Biden administration is proposing tougher standards for a deadly air pollutant, saying that reducing soot from tailpipes, smokestacks and wildfires could prevent thousands of premature deaths a year. A proposal released Friday by the Environmental Protection Agency would set maximum levels of 9 to 10 micrograms of fine particle pollution per cubic meter of … Read more

Biden challenged by Mexico president on his ‘forgetfulness’ during North American Leaders’ Summit

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador challenged President Biden on his “forgetfulness” to help Latin American countries during the North American Leaders’ Summit Monday. He also encouraged him to prioritize fixing the migration crisis affecting the U.S.-Mexico border. While public comments mostly struck a positive tone, López Obrador pressed Biden over his “abandonment” and “forgetfulness” … Read more