University administration In UK ,USA

The administration of UK universities today. However, I can provide some general information on the topic. The administration of UK universities is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the institution, including academic programs, research initiatives, student services, facilities, and finances. University administrators may include the vice-chancellor or president, deans of faculties or schools, department … Read more

شیخ رشید احمد

راولپنڈی(آئی این پی) سابق وزیر داخلہ شیخ رشید احمد کے کاغذات نامزدگی منظور کرنے کا فیصلہ الیکشن کمیشن میں چیلنج کر دیا گیا۔ حلقہ این اے 62 امیدوار عظمت مبارک ایڈووکیٹ نے کاغذات کو چیلنج کیا۔ درخواست گزار کے مطابق شیخ رشید پر سنگین نوعیت کے الزمات ہیں اور انہوں نے اثاثے مکمل طور پر … Read more

Sheikh Rashid videos top 🔝

Political career  Shafique was elected to the National Assembly of Pakistan as a candidate of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) from Constituency NA-60 (Rawalpindi-IV) in 2018 Pakistani by-elections held on 14 October 2018. Full Video Link                                                            … Read more

The Treasury Department just fixed the EV tax credit’s Tesla Model Y problem

The US Treasury Department says it is modifying the electric vehicle tax credit to potentially allow more vehicles to qualify — for now. In a press release, the department said that to determine whether a vehicle is a sedan, SUV, pickup truck, or van, it would use the Environmental Protection Agency’s Fuel Economy Labeling standard … Read more

The Best Movies on Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus doesn’t have a movie library as deep as Netflix or other streaming rivals. Still, it’s got A-listers like Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington and Bill Murray on board — and even collected Oscar wins for the movie CODA and noms for The Tragedy of Macbeth. Here’s a look at some of the genuine must-watch movies on Apple … Read more

Can 4 activist investors play nice in the Salesforce sandbox? • TechCrunch

Salesforce finds itself in a rather unusual situation, with four activist investors operating inside the company at the same time: Elliott Management, Starboard Value, ValueAct and Inclusive Capital. Experts suggest that having so many activist investors in play at once at a major tech company like Salesforce is exceptional. What do these folks want from … Read more

YouTube Music workers strike at Google’s Austin offices

YouTube Music workers in the Austin, TX area who voted to unionize are striking. The Alphabet Works Union-CWA (AWU-CWA), which represents the contractors, says this is the first time a group of Google-affiliated workers has gone on strike. Cognizant, an Alphabet subcontractor, staffs the (more than 40) striking workers. They say Alphabet’s current return-to-office date … Read more

OpenAI CEO Looking ‘Way Beyond’ Search for ChatGPT’s Future

Artificial intelligence systems could one day rival Google search, but that’s not what excites OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. In an interview with Forbes published Friday, Altman, whose company makes the AI bot ChatGPT, said he’s interested in what comes “way beyond” search.  “The stuff that I’m excited about for these models,” Altman told Forbes, “is … Read more