Best 4K TV deals: Samsung, Sony, and LG TVs are on sale ahead of the big game

Both QLED and OLED TVs are optimal for watching sports and should be considered over a regular LED TV if you refuse to miss a game. Which kind you should get depends on your most common viewing environment.

QLEDs push the light from their LCD panels through a quantum dot filter, which makes colors pop across several different dimming zones on the screen. This allows for the precise peak brightness levels needed for viewing in a bright room and gives HDR content the crispiness that it should. A QLED’s glare handling is typically top-tier, too.

OLEDs don’t rely on an external backlight, so the conversation around dimming zones doesn’t apply to them. Instead, they use organic light-emitting diodes, or pixels, that emit their own light. These pixels are individually controlled by the TV itself based on the content and lighting of the room. OLED is known for dark blacks, stark contrast, and generally better picture quality (especially in dark rooms), but often lose out to QLED on the brightness front. The self-lit pixels also don’t suffer from wonky luminance depending on how wide of a viewing angle someone has, so an OLED is the way to go if your football watch party will have an audience spread across the room.

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