Best telescope deals: Get a telescope up to 31% off on Amazon

Exploring the skies is both educational and awe-inspiring. These telescope deals have something for astronomers of all budgets and ages.

Best telescope for kids

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The Gskyer 70-millimeter telescope(Opens in a new window)(opens in a new tab) can reach a focal length (the distance light travels from the telescope’s mirror or lens to where the light creates a visual focus; a longer focal length is better for observing closer objects, such as the moon, and a shorter one is better for observing those farther away, like galaxies) of 400 millimeters(f/5.7). It also has an aperture (diameter of the main lens; the higher the number the brighter the image) of 70mm. Its high transmission coating provides protection from light and allows users to safely explore the moon and stars. It also includes two eyepieces with different magnifications and a powerful Barlow lens so you won’t miss any important details. Need to find objects or specific stars? The finder scope can help you find these easily. Best of all, you can adjust the tripod and use the carry bag to take your telescope wherever you’d like.

Best refractor telescope

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The Orion Observer 90-millimeter equatorial refractor telescope(Opens in a new window)(opens in a new tab) is easy to use for beginner astronomers, but will make more advanced explorers happy too. With a 90-millimeter lens and a whopping 900-millimeter focal range, this telescope is suitable for exploring longer distances with greater detail. It also features two high-quality 1.25-inch Plossl eyepieces to help stargazers get the most from each view, one in 10 millimeters and another in 25 millimeters. An adjustable tripod and portable optical tube mean you can take your telescope with you on the go.

Best app-controlled telescope

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The Celestron StarSense Explorer DX(Opens in a new window)(opens in a new tab) works with the StarSense app to chart the night sky and help you find stars, planets, and other anomalies. Its 102-millimeter lens also allows you to explore far-off items. A 25-millimeter optical tube and two 1.25-inch Kellner eyepieces allow for a magnification of 66 times more, depending on the eyepiece used. It also includes a lithium battery, and the included tripod is full-size and adjustable. Note that the full kit weighs approximately 14 pounds, still light enough for most people to carry or move around.

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