Best TikTok products: A running list of the most useful viral items

“TikTok made me buy it.” This simple line sums up why so many of us can’t stop scrolling: We’re in our “being influenced by viral product recommendations” era.

In late 2021, TikTok surpassed both Google and Facebook(Opens in a new window) as the world’s most popular web domain — confirming that people are using the app for far more than dance videos. While much of that traffic still comes from people looking to be entertained, nearly 40% of young people(Opens in a new window) use the app like an actual search engine. TikTok knows it, too, as evidenced by this ad released by the app in January 2023. If you’re wondering whether a certain clothing brand is legitimate or need a suggestion for a new air fryer, there’s probably a TikTok video (or 10) where you can crowdsource some answers. In that way, the video app has almost become a Reddit for Gen Z.

Maybe you were doomscrolling just to feel something and happened to encounter a video enlightening you on a problem you didn’t know you had. Could the solution really be this thing they bought on Amazon? Now you’re curious, so you buy it on the spot. We’ve all done it.

You may have heard that Instagram is in its flop era — and that’s precisely why TikTok has become such an influential shopping site.


On TikTok, curating taste is a coveted skill

Though TikTok is certainly still susceptible to sponsored posts from influencers, a large chunk of product recommendations come from normal people who won’t financially benefit if a viewer buys the product they posted about. Rather, many items in viral videos were only hyped up because the person genuinely wanted to share something great that they found. That authentic consumer experience feels trustworthy, like hearing that a friend or coworker’s life was really changed by this one hair styler.

Then, when TikTok notices that a decent number of people interacted with a certain video (one recommending a product, for the purposes of this story), it gets plopped in even more FYPs. That aspect of TikTok virality is so powerful that countless products — even ones with a meh number of sales previously — have sold out soon after a TikTok recommendation.

But given that millions of users are posting about their favorite purchases, it can be hard to decipher which ones are worthwhile and which will end up in a junk drawer. We’re keeping tabs on the most unique, reliable, and sustainable ones below so you can be sure you’re not wasting your money.

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Best beauty tech invesment

When tales of the SolaWave’s staple status for celebrities like Lil Nas X and Sydney Sweeney started surfacing in winter 2022(Opens in a new window), the internet had to try it. The grip this device has on skincare TikTok (and Instagram ads) is stronger than ever a year later, with the #solawave hashtag racking up nearly 14 million views.

The slim, portable wand uses a combo of microcurrents red light therapy to target wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, and more, plus administer your daily dose of de-puffing. Mashable contributor RJ Andersen says results are visible after one use.

The Pink Stuff
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Best for getting the security deposit back

Read Mashable’s full Hype Test of The Pink Stuff.

Cleaning hacks are the best kind of hack. TikTok users have been wowed at the powers of The Pink Stuff, a non-toxic “miracle cleaning paste,” on stains that no one knows how to deal with. 

The Pink Stuff’s success rate is impressively high with burnt spills on glass cooktops, as well as stubborn streaks on cookware and sinks, and moldy rings around faucets. Plus, it involves far less elbow grease than a Magic Eraser.

Toy air fryer
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Best for kids who want to help in the kitchen

Parents on TikTok are getting just as much of a kick out of toy air fryers than their kids are. (Once you see how legit they are, your inner child will too be wondering where the hell this was when you were in your house-playing era.) There are a few different versions at Amazon and other stores, but each play fryer has the same idea: cute, bright colors, a “touchscreen” with buttons, sounds, and a basket-style drawer. Aspiring appetizer aficionados will be the most pumped about the color-changing plastic nuggets and fries, which turn a crispy golden brown once “cooked.”

Bissell Little Green
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Best for pet owners and frequent spillers

Cleaning TikTok and pet TikTok are both backbones of the app. Bissell’s portable multipurpose upholstery cleaner has members of both crowds sold. The Little Green uses a dedicated spot formula, water, and a high-suction brush tool to lift stains from carpets and rugs, furniture, and car interiors. Mashable’s Haley Henschel, who caved after seeing the device work wonders on TikTok, says it saved her cheap Wayfair couch.

Hatch Restore Alarm Clock
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Best for sleep routine struggles

A normal sleep schedule? In this economy? Many TikTok users are turning to one feature-packed alarm clock to get their Zzzs on track. The Hatch Restore simulates a real sunrise by gradually increasing its warm glow (paired with comfy wake-up sounds) to wake you up more naturally than being jolted awake by The Worst Sound You’ve Ever Heard. It also has a wind-down function, meditation features, and selection of white noise.

ChomChom pet hair remover
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Best Lint Roller Replacement

Like a lint roller but better, the ChomChom tackles fur on surfaces like furniture and carpet without wasting adhesive strips. It works similarly to the wood and wire lint roller that also went viral, but stores the hair in a compartment rather than rolling it into a ball for you to pick up.

People on TikTok are ChomChom-ing their lives and documenting the success, from suede couches to black fabric car mats to the carpets themselves. Almost 100,000 Amazon users are also impressed.

Desktop vacuum
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Best for a crumby workspace

A staple on the desks of many TikTok users, you too will wonder how you ever relied on paper towels to tidy your space after your morning toast. Though expectedly not as powerful as your full-sized handheld vacuum, this mini one produces enough suction to grab common debris like crumbs and pieces of hair. It should run for 90 minutes before requiring a swap of the double AA batteries.

FluentPet Talking Dog Buttons
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Best for young dogs

As made famous by Sheepadoodle @whataboutbunny, FluentPet is a system of buttons that say things like “toy” or “outside,” presumably allowing pets to tell you what they need. Cats like @justinbieberthecat_  have mastered them, too.

Mashable’s Jae Thomas, who is testing the system with their dog Miso, notes that not all dogs may care to learn to press buttons, despite understanding the words. But if you suspect that your pet has tea to spill like the ones on TikTok, FluentPet could be a really cool addition to your pet’s enrichment tools.

The butt leggings
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Best for feeling hot while WFH

Read Mashable’s full Hype Test of the butt-lifting leggings.

Making their first rounds in late 2020, the iconic butt-lifting leggings are probably the first viral TikTok item that many people can recall. Since then, this pair has garnered over 80,000 reviews on Amazon.

At their core, they’re cheap Amazon athleisure may not make it through serious squat sessions. But that cinched seam does the damn thing. As Mashable’s Jess Joho puts it, “they do their job so well that, for some, it can feel inappropriate or even unsafe to actually wear out.” If you’d rather just wear them at home, know that it’s totally fine to be double cheeked up on a Thursday afternoon Zoom call.

Caudalíe Instant Detox Mask
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Best oily skin hack

Meet the clay mask version of seeing your pores in a magnifying mirror and considering crying in the Target aisle. Caudalíe’s Instant Detox Mask has been around for years, but popped off on TikTok and caught the attention of influential users like makeup artist @mikaylanogueira.

After a few minutes, the mask begins to highlight every single pore as it attempts to purify. Though the mask’s ability to visibly reduce pore size is up in the air, most users do notice a glow afterward — and for some, less-obvious pores the next time they do the mask.

Farberware countertop dishwasher
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Best for dishwasher-less apartments or RVs

No dishwasher? No problem. This portable one from Farberware can live on your countertop and doesn’t require hooking up to a water source (instead, the built-in water tank can be filled with an included jug and hose). Inside the 21.9 x 20.9 x 22.4 inch cube lie slots for a variety of plates and bowls, plus a cutlery rack. The digital display offers five programs: normal, rapid, fruit wash, baby care, and glass.

Caraway Cookware
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Best for making TikTok recipes

Gorgeous, gorgeous pots and pans don’t leak toxins into food. 

Emily Mariko’s go-to cookware will be an aesthetic boost for your kitchen, coming in a selection of hip muted hues and cooking on a ceramic surface said to be healthier and more durable than Teflon. The splurge-worthy set includes a fry pan, sauce pan, sauté pan, and dutch oven.

Mini bag sealer
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Best for preventing stale snacks

Have you naively trusted a chip clip to keep your Cheez-Its crunchy for the last time? #SnackTok is pumped on these mini portable bag sealers, which use heat to bond the two sides of a bag as they were when brand new. Think pantry snacks or cereal, bread, pet food, and produce, plus non-food uses like sealing a toiletries bag for a flight.

It’s a double pack, so you can keep one in the car or with your camping supplies.

Adjustable buttons
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Best for thrifters

Read Mashable’s full Hype Test of the TikTok adjustable buttons.

Passing up a pair of pristine, once-in-a-lifetime vintage Levi’s just because they’re too big? In this economy? These pin-like adjustable buttons can pierce denim, corduroy, and more create a more snug (albeit asymmetrical) fit without a belt — or the shoelace trick that only looks good from the front.

This could create a bunching effect depending on how big the pants were on you originally, but it is a quick fix that doesn’t require sewing.

Dash Mini Waffle Maker
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Best For Cooking For One

The fun, quick recipe opportunities are endless with this precious mini waffle maker from Dash. (Your options exceed just waffles, but you can definitely make waffles.) Users have found creative ways to utilize the four-inch nonstick iron to make cheesy garlic bread, scrambled eggs, cinnamon buns, quesadillas, and so… many… breakfast sandwiches.

Try a generalized recipe that you’d like to cut down to personal size or scroll through countless ideas just for this Dash.

Stasher bags
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Best eco-friendly kitchen swap

Originally a staple on sustainability TikTok, the silicone Stasher bag has become quite the versatile kitchen hack past replacing single-use sandwich bags. Countless users have posted their experience trying a quick zero-waste popcorn recipe using a Stasher bag to pop kernels in the microwave, while 311.1K were mind blown at @marlierosenberg using a Stasher bag to steam and rehydrate her son’s dried Play-Doh.

Mirrored digital alarm clock
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Best for minimalist bedrooms

TikTok has revived the humble nightstand alarm clock. One of a handful of identical models on Amazon, this mirrored digital one is minimalist in looks and maximalist in function.

The giant numbers are clear-cut and easy to read, with adjustable brightness for when the room’s dark. Three USB ports turn it into a charger, and dimming the display enough turns it into a makeup mirror. 

Cloud-shaped key magnet
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Best for people who always lose their keys

This whimsical take on the traditional key hook has saved countless TikTok users from the familiar spiral ignited by misplaced keys. Three magnets sit inconspicuously inside the cloud, offering a sturdy home for multiple sets of keys right inside the door. Installation requires nothing but a smooth wall and the included double-sided adhesive (though Command Strips may be safer on paint).

Dish soap dispenser caddy
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Best for Saving Dish Soap

TikTok loves a good organization hack and kitchen hack. This dish soap dispenser is both. It solves the lifelong quest of finding something better to do with a soggy sponge and Dawn than store them on the sink ledge. Not only does a quick pump keep soapy hands from grabbing a bottle, but the uniform drops could help your dish soap last longer. Parents in the Amazon reviews mention that it’s been a less-messy solution for kids taking on the chore.

Thrive Causemetics Brilliant Eye Brightener
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Best for lazy makeup days

Thrive Causemetics’ Brilliant Eye Brightener didn’t exactly blow up the old-fashioned way (everyone scrambling to buy a product after someone used it in their routine and didn’t gatekeep it). It was the ads. But the cream-to-powder highlight continues to shine as more and more users gush about it working as well as the ads assert.

This brightening stick goes past its shimmery effect by using natural emollients like macadamia and meadow foam seed oil to hydrate the eye area and smooth fine lines. Makeup TikTok digs the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed look and versatile liner or smoke eye possibilities.

Flippable pickle jar and strainer
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Best for the friend who steals everyone’s pickle

The famous “pickle jar flip thing” (TikTok autofill thing said it, not me) does actually take after an hourglass in its shape and mechanism. Flipping to the straining side allows you to grab a pickle without dunking your fingers in juice. Then, flip it back to re-soak your pickles in their bathwater.

The one(Opens in a new window)(opens in a new tab) from @paytopotatoe’s original viral video has sold out (as viral TikTok items do), so we’re suggesting an identical alternative for now.

Bottle emptying caps
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Best for people who use expensive shampoo

Wasting conditioner? In this economy? This genius set of bottle emptying caps allows bottles to balance face-down and drain the remnants that won’t squeeze out. The kit comes with six adapters and two stands, fitting bottles holding skincare, hair products, or lotion, to condiments, to dish soap and detergent.

Rechargeable flameless lighter
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Best for people with too many candles

A third party has entered the “Are matches or gas lighters better for the environment?” debate. Flameless lighters replace a traditional flame with a lightsaber-like plasma beam to provide a wind-resistant, smokeless light. 500 lights later, it can be recharged via USB.

A handful of flameless lighters have been apart of popular videos. The one highlighted here is long enough to reach down into depleted jar candles (rather than the short Zippo-like design) and has nearly 19,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

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