Drive less, pay less with the king’s chilli car cover

We’re turning up the heat. We’re giving you a reason to stay warm this winter. We’ve gone red-hot for savings.

Okay, we’ll stop and explain, before this just gets ridiculous. Basically, we’re introducing comprehensive car insurance that could cost you R299pm… And you don’t even have to skimp on the level of cover! That means no sacrifices, just pure savings.

Oh, and we’re calling it chilli cover because of the red-hot savings you’ll be pocketing every month. Wondering how we’ve managed to pull it off? Settle in, honey.

So, what is chilli cover?

Chilli cover is comprehensive car insurance but with a twist because it comes with all the bells and whistles but you pay less. A lot less.

Here’s what you’re insured for:

  • Accident damage.
  • Theft and hi-jacking.
  • Damage to other people’s property as the result of a car accident.

So, why does it cost less?

You could pay as little as R299 per month and it’s all to do with how much you drive. You see, we noticed that lots of people want the full 5-star comprehensive policy for their 4-wheeled babies, but they aren’t out on the road all that much. So, their risk is a lot lower and if risk is tied up into how we calculate premiums, then it makes sense to account for this factor.

That’s why our chilli cover means that you’ll pay less if you drive less. Let’s say that you want our royal comprehensive cover and your car’s value is under R500,000 and you travel less than 100km per month. If that’s the case, then you could pay R299. That’s R299 every month for c-o-m-p-r-e-h-e-n-s-i-v-e car insurance.

Here’s how the money stuff works:

  • Your first month’s premium is based partly on your average monthly mileage that you provide us with. (We trust you.)
  • Your next premium will change based (in part) on your previous month’s mileage.
  • Your premiums won’t decrease like with our normal comprehensive policy, because the mileage automatically determines your monthly premium for the next month.

So, who’s tracking how much you drive?

The mileage you clock up determines your monthly premium for the next month, so it’s super important for us to know the real numbers. You can either pay for an approved tracking system to send automatic updates to us or you can download our app (which comes with heaps of other fantastic features) and update your odometer readings yourself, for free.

Here’s what happens if you go over 100km:

We mentioned that cars that only drive 100km (and are valued up to R500,000) could pay as little as R299 per month. But what if you happen to drive more than 100km in a month? No probs, you don’t have to call us or change to the normal comprehensive policy because your monthly premium will be adjusted to account for the change in mileage.

Like everything we do, it just makes sense.

Get a quote on our app or on our site, or you can call us on 0860 50 50 50… It’s literally THAT easy.

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