EA Sunsets Apex Legends Mobile, Cancels Battlefield Mobile Game

EA says it will cease work on its Battlefield mobile game and begin winding down Apex Legends Mobile

The game publisher made the two announcements during its earnings call on Tuesday. Apex Legends Mobile, a battle royale game that launched last year, will cease operations on May 1 at 4 p.m. PT.  

Players who purchased in-game items or have in-game currency in their Apex Legends Mobile account will lose their purchases after servers go down, and there will be no refunds, according to an FAQ posted on EA’s site. Apex Legends Mobile’s sunsetting will not affect the console/PC version of the game. 

EA first revealed its plans for a Battlefield mobile game in 2021. The initial plan was to bring the large-scale military FPS to mobile devices, and that it would be a different take from the console/PC version. EA says its pivot was “to best deliver on our vision for the franchise.” The company will continue work on its flagship game Battlefield 2042, which was considered a “disappointment” when it launched in 2021. 

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