Evolution and Impact of Wi-Fi Technology

The importance of Wi-Fi as the most popular carrier of wireless IP traffic in the emerging era of IoT and 5G continues its legacy, and Wi-Fi standards are continually evolving to help implement next generation applications in the cyberspace for positioning, human computer interfacing, motion, and gesture detection, as well as authentication and security. Wi-Fi is a go-to connectivity technology that is stable, proven, easy to deploy, and desirable by a host of diversified vertical markets, including Medical, Public Safety, Offender Tracking, Industrial, PDA, Security (monitoring), and others.

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This webinar will cover:

  • The evolution of the Wi-Fi technology, standards, and applications
  • Key aspects/features of Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 7
  • Wi-Fi market trends and outlook
  • Solutions that will help build robust Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 7 networks

This lecture is based on his recent paper: Pahlavan, K. and Krishnamurthy, P., 2021. Evolution and impact of Wi-Fi technology and applications: a historical perspective. International Journal of Wireless Information Networks, 28(1), pp.3-19.

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