GameStop customers are suddenly losing access to their accounts

If you have a GameStop account, even one you haven’t used in years, it might be a good idea to change your password. Dozens of GameStop customers took to social media earlier this week to complain that their accounts had been stolen. This may have been a coordinated attack that took place on January 31st, as that was when a vast majority of the complaints appeared. The attack was widespread enough to warrant a meta thread on the GameStop subreddit.

Shortly after midnight on the East Coast, the first tweets began to surface. There are many more like these, but here’s a small sample of what we could find:

Throughout the day, an unspecified number of GameStop customers received emails letting them know that they had successfully changed the email address associated with their accounts. Some of the users are also being notified that their reward points have been redeemed by the hackers. Meanwhile, they can’t reset their passwords because the reset password emails are being delivered to the new email addresses.

While it’s entirely possible that accounts were hacked, some users are speculating that it might just be a very serious glitch in GameStop’s systems. Reddit user u64ra claims they received the following message from the @GameStopHelp account on Twitter:

Hi there! This is a known issue that we are actively working to address. We will update you all with any developments as we look into this. Thank you for your patience during this time.

Many affected users seem to have had luck calling GameStop (1-800-883-8895) and resolving the issue with a customer support agent over the phone. If you can’t access your account any other way, it might be worth a shot to give the support line a call.

We reached out to GameStop for a statement, but we have yet to hear back. If we do, we will be sure to update this post to include the company’s response.

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