How to Search Crypto, the Dark Web, More

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Whaa..?? Yahoo Search claims that it’s about to reinvent the search game. Nothing could be more surprising.

For the past decade or so, Yahoo has been pretty lackluster in the search department—so lackluster, in fact, that it lets Microsoft do all the searching for it. While Yahoo Search still exists, it is powered by Bing’s algorithm (via a partnership struck circa 2009). So…if you hate Bing, you probably also hate Yahoo Search. That said, Search Engine Land reports that Yahoo was recently spotted promoting a Product Manager for Search. The company has also been dropping hints on its Twitter account that it will soon be revamping its engine.

Could this have something to do with the current AI boom and its applications for the search industry? We don’t really know.

Rating: Best (or, potentially, worst) future search engine!

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