iPad won’t fold in 2024, but a foldable MacBook could launch in 2025

Rumors about Apple planning to enter the foldable market aren’t new. We have already heard about a foldable iPhone, a foldable iPad, and even a hybrid foldable iPad/Mac. After analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said early this week that Apple was working on a foldable iPad, Bloomberg‘s journalist Mark Gurman and display analyst Ross Young debunked this possibility.

Young went a bit further and said while he hasn’t heard anything about a foldable iPad for 2024, he heard Apple is working on a 20.5-inch foldable MacBook for 2025. It’s not the first time the analyst has talked about this machine, as he and Gurman have already stated that a few times.

By December, The Elec said Apple had started the development project of a device with around 20-inch display. However, the publication said the company was aiming for a 2027 release if it would ever come to life.

Here’s what Young and Gurman already said about this foldable MacBook:

Last year, the display analyst shared that suppliers were talking with Apple to create a 20-inch foldable of some kind. The idea would be to bring together the usefulness of a notebook with a singular display like you might see on the iPad. Young even went so far as to say that the foldable MacBook hybrid could be a true dual-use product. It could act as a notebook with a full-size keyboard while also being viable as a standalone monitor when not folded or used with an external keyboard. Young also says the device could offer up to 4K resolution or higher.

Mark Gurman corroborated Young’s reports in one of his Power On newsletters. Gurman said Apple might very well go with a foldable 20-inch screen that uses a physical keyboard or a virtual keyboard on one side of the folding display. Gurman noted that he had been told that Apple is exploring a dual-screen setup. That could make the foldable MacBook hybrid more akin to Microsoft’s Surface Duo or Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3.

In 2024, on the other hand, Apple is expected to launch its first batch of OLED iPads.

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