Microsoft wants to use ChatGPT tech to write your emails for you

Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI just continues to grow and this latest venture wants to automate the client relationship.

As reported by Bloomberg, Microsoft is planning to integrate artificial intelligence tools from OpenAI into Viva Sales, which connects Microsoft 365 with customer relationship management software from vendors like Salesforce. According to the report, the company thinks that it can use the technology from the ChatGPT maker to help automate email replies to clients.

Specifically, the integration will use GPT 3.5 to “cull data from customer records and Office email software” in order to generate personalized emails to clients from salespeople.

Viva Sales, which connects Microsoft’s Office and video conferencing programs with customer relations management software, will be able to generate email replies to clients using OpenAI’s product for creating text. The AI tools, which include OpenAI’s GPT 3.5 — the system that is the basis for the ChatGPT chatbot— will cull data from customer records and Office email software. That information will then be used to generate emails containing personalized text, pricing details and promotions. 

The report says that the OpenAI features will work with Microsoft Dynamics, the company’s own customer management program, and rivals such as Salesforce. The news comes on the same day that Microsoft announced Teams Premium, which also includes some notable integrations from OpenAI that enable really helpful meeting recap and translation features.

With intelligent recap in Teams premium, you’ll get automatically generated meeting notes, recommended tasks, and personalized highlights to help you get the information most important to you, even if you miss the meeting.

Microsoft continues to expand its partnerships with OpenAI, not a surprising move since the company invested upwards of $10 billion in the company back in January. Microsoft has already said that ChatGPT could even come to Bing search at some point in the future.

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