Murray Bartlett hints that his ‘White Lotus’ character could still return

Everyone who’s seen Season 1 of The White Lotus will know that Murray Bartlett’s character, hotel manager Armond, is probably going to have a tough time popping back up again in a future series.

But according to Bartlett, that possibility might not be so far flung after all.

“When we were shooting White Lotus, the night before we started shooting we had this big dinner and Mike White, the creator, writer, director, extraordinaire of White Lotus made a speech and said, sort of jokingly, that whoever was the nicest person and the best actor gets a spinoff series. And so I was like, ‘Ooh, ooh, what about me?!'” explains Bartlett.

“And he said — and I’m not going to hold him to this — but he said, ‘We could always go back in time.’ So I think maybe like an Armond origin story? I’m just throwing that out there.”

As Stephen Colbert says in response: “I’d watch it.”

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