Plan more bleisure for 2022

Who isn’t intrigued by the idea of adding a bit more fun to their lives? Especially the aspects of life that traditionally are more serious, like your day job.

As you can imagine, our royal colleagues were basically ecstatic (understatement) to find out from travel experts that bleisure is expected to increase this year and beyond. Bleisure is quite literally the coolest travel trend to happen in the history of business travel.

What’s bleisure, you’re asking?

Business travel + leisure travel = bleisure.

Now that’s cleared up, we want to talk about a few things around bleisure. Like why it’s more than just a travel trend, who’s doing it, and lastly, we want to point out some good examples of how to do bleisure right.

Why you should plan for some bleisure this year

A lot of bleisure is opportunistic, depending on what’s planned in your schedule, where you’ll be going, and if you realistically can spend extra time away. That said, if it’s in your power to take your corporate travel plans and turn them into bleisure travel, then you should do so.

Mainly, we’d argue that it’s important because over the past few years, the workforce has transformed into an entity that’s always on, always connected. So it’s not just about squeezing a bit of pleasure into your business trip, it’s also an efficient way to decrease stress, prevent burnout, and increase your productivity because you’ll be better rested and enjoy your job more.

So, it’s good for you and for your company. A proper win-win.

Who’s doing bleisure

You might think that the only people planning and enjoying bleisure travel are executives, but you’re mistaken. And we hate to disagree with you about anything, but actually, people from all different levels up and down the corporate ladder are taking advantage of bleisure travel, from entry-level employees to managers and business owners. In fact, during our research, we found that millennials are often more likely to partake in bleisure than older employees, regardless of their position in the company.

Tips on how to do bleisure travel right

It’s 1 thing to understand that bleisure means you can schedule in some RNR during your work trip, it’s another to properly maximise this time to ensure that you do bleisure right. You know, make the most of it.

Here are our top bleisure tips:

  • Put business first, because that’s why you’re traveling in the first place. And if work gets in the way of your leisure plans, then that’s tough. It might not always work out that way, so don’t force it.
  • Plan the trip around a weekend so you arrive on the Saturday before or leave on the Sunday after your business concludes. This way, you can avoid taking any paid leave.
  • Think outside the box by seeing if you can visit friends or bring family or friends with you. It’s nice to explore new restaurants or walk on the beach, but these experiences can be so much more satisfying if you can do it with a close friend or loved 1.
  • Don’t stay in your hotel room. Make the most of your time by visiting local restaurants, visiting museums, indulging in a spa treatment, and doing something interesting.
  • Pack wisely by including a bit more versatility. You want business and casual options to make sure you’re comfortable and dressed appropriately for whatever you’re going to be doing on your trip.

Don’t forget, the king’s got your business’ back

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