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Much like the rest of the world, South Africans are no strangers to the thrill of pulling on their ‘tekkies’ and hitting the road in an effort to get fit as part of their New Year’s resolutions. And yes, it’s pure torture to head out there at the best of times (can you tell we prefer a bit of pilates to sweating it out on the track or tar?) but we’re surely going to earn extra points for the fact that we’re starting our fitness journeys during the hottest part of our year… Right?

Literally, we should get extra points for that alone. Points which most of us are now tracking on our phones and smart watches. After all, it’s pretty tough to manage what you don’t measure, so it makes sense that we’re downloading apps and strapping wearable tech to our bodies.

This does mean, however, that we could be making ourselves more vulnerable to the bad guys who target joggers and mug them.

So, in addition to telling you to put on your sunblock, feed your body the right fuel, and stay hydrated, we’ve also got a few safety tips for our fellow joggers.

How to stay safe when you’re out on a run

  • There’s safety in numbers, so consider joining a running club.
  • If you’re a lone wolf, then make sure you know your route well and only explore a new route with other joggers. Please.
  • Another lonely wolf tip is to identify homes along your route that have intercom systems that you could ring for help in an emergency.
  • Don’t blast your music too loudly because it could dull your ability to be alert to what’s happening around you.
  • Invest in a mobile panic button, app or service, like the king’s code red so that you can easily share your location with emergency services if you feel threatened or unsafe.
  • Add another layer of security by smiling, or at the very least, waving at the local security cars so you’re on their radar.
  • Get some training, as in, invest in self-defence classes so you can protect yourself.

The king’s got your back (and your tech)

It’s also a good idea to limit the tech you take out with you, but the reality is that this can’t always be avoided. For instance, you can’t not take your smart watch out with you if you’re trying to measure your progress. Also, there may be days that you forget to remove certain items, like your jewellery.

That’s why we urge you to get the king’s portable possessions insurance for these kinds of valuables.

Wherever you are, we’re there too

Essentially, the king’s cover will pay to repair or replace possessions, like your smart watch, phone, running shoes, and jewellery if they’re stolen or damaged while they’re anywhere other than in your home. Like when you’re out there, gambling about like a bunny. In fact, it works wherever you are in the world.

If something bad happens to them, don’t worry! If you have insurance for your personal portable possessions with the king, you’re covered.

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