Samsung is making ‘extended reality’ wearable devices

Samsung’s Unpacked event isn’t just focused on the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy Book 3. The company has revealed to The Washington Post that it’s working on “extended reality” (that is, augmented, mixed and virtual reality) wearable devices. While there aren’t many details, the hardware will run a new, Google-designed version of Android designed with wearable displays in mind — this isn’t Meta’s heavily customized take on Android from the Quest line. Qualcomm will provide the chipset.

The “XR” hardware will also entail partnerships with Meta and Microsoft, although Samsung isn’t elaborating further. In an interview with The Post, mobile president TM Roh says the ecosystem has to be “somewhat ready” before launch. The tech giant wants to avoid the missteps of rivals who debuted comparable hardware without robust support.

Samsung is no stranger to wearable screens. The company leapt into the market with 2015’s Gear VR, which used the smartphone as both the display and computing power. In 2017, the firm jumped into PC-oriented mixed reality headsets with the HMD Odyssey. Samsung largely left the market to rivals like Meta and HTC after 2018, however.


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