Savvy in 60: Regular driver

Welcome to the last segment in our ‘savvy in 60’ series, which aims to educate you on all things insurance.

Today we’re looking at something called the ‘regular driver’.

Simply put, the regular driver is the person who drives a car most often. And by ‘most often’ we don’t mean the person who puts the most kms on the clock… We mean, the person who drives the car the most.

Let’s look at an example… You drive the car 5 times a week and you put 75kms on the clock. Your wife only drives the car once a week and racks up 200kms. Who’s the regular driver? You. Because while your wife drives further, you use the car more often.

It’s important to know who the regular driver is because it determines your premium and can affect the outcome of your claims. You see, if the regular driver is some 1 else, the wrong driver is insured and you’ve been paying the wrong premium for the wrong policy, all along.

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Stay savvy. Until next time.

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