SimpliSafe’s Newest Indoor Camera Puts Emphasis on Security

SimpliSafe’s newest home security tool is built to combat break-ins. The company launched the Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Security Camera on Thursday.

The Smart Alarm Camera immediately stands out from other indoor cameras, partly because it’s wireless while nearly all indoor cameras require a wired power source, but mostly for its potential to identify intruders and thwart criminal activity.

When armed, the Smart Alarm Camera monitors for suspicious activity and sounds a built-in alarm when triggered. Advanced motion detection and AI capabilities enable the camera to distinguish between routine activity, like that of a pet, and unusual activity, possibly from an intruder. 

Like other SimpliSafe cameras, the Smart Alarm offers video verification by a monitoring agent who can escalate the event to emergency services. Additionally, the camera presents a new feature, 24/7 live guard protection, that enables the monitoring agent to see and communicate directly with intruders via two-way audio.

To protect your privacy, the Smart Alarm camera is equipped with a mechanical shutter that’s closed by default when the camera is in Home mode or turned off. 

The Smart Alarm camera and accompanying 24/7 live guard protection feature are currently in Beta testing and only available to select customers by invitation. If you received an invite, you can buy the camera for the discounted price of $50. You’ll need an Interactive Monitoring subscription to enable 24/7 live guard protection.

There is no set date for when the Smart Alarm camera will be available to the general public, but a SimpliSafe spokesperson told CNET the company expects to roll out the camera and 24/7 live guard protection later this year. Pricing for the camera and the enhanced monitoring service, if separate from the Interactive Monitoring subscription (also TBD), will be revealed closer to the release date. We’ll update you with more details as they become available.

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