Sony’s PlayStation Plus Collection for PS5 owners goes away in May

Sony will stop offering the PlayStation Plus Collection, which gave PS5 players who subscribed to PlayStation Plus access to more than a dozen classic PS4 titles, on May 9th, the company announced on Wednesday. The PlayStation Plus Collection was a great perk for PS5 owners who were Plus subscribers early in the console’s life, but now that perk will be going away.

If you haven’t claimed the games yet, you’ll have until May 9th to do so. Once you’ve claimed the games, you can still access them after May 9th as long as you are subscribed to PlayStation Plus.

The PlayStation Plus Collection includes some fantastic games, including God of War, The Last of Us Remastered, and Persona 5. I personally used the collection to play through Bloodborne, and now I understand why everyone wants a modern remaster of that game. You can see the full list of games in the collection here, and if you haven’t claimed the games for yourself, I highly recommend you do so before the deadline.

While it’s a disappointing that Sony is getting rid of the PlayStation Plus Collection, the company offers a robust assortment of games for PlayStation Plus subscribers in its more expensive PlayStation Plus tiers.

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