The Absolute Best Horror Movies on Hulu

So the time’s come to watch a new scary movie? Hulu‘s got you covered. Below is a list of the best horror movies on the streaming service, flicks that’ll fit right into your binge-watching queue. But before we get into that, let’s cover some worthy alternates. 

Hulu is home to Swedish vampire story Let the Right One In (2008) and body horror film Crimes of the Future (2022). There’s also action flick Shadow in the Cloud (2020), Rebecca Hall-led ghost story The Night House and romance-gone-wrong Fresh (2022). Finally, you should check out Titane (2021), Censor (2021), The Lodge (2019) and horror comedy All My Friends Hate Me (2021).

Now on to the main recommendations, all of which scored higher than 70 on Metacritic.

Sundance Institute

Brandon Cronenberg (son of horror filmmaker David) wrote and directed this movie about, you guessed it, possession. The dark flick follows an assassin (Andrea Riseborough) who takes control of strangers’ bodies to execute targets. When an assignment goes awry, she’s knocked out of the pilot’s seat. If you like all things sci-fi and horror, dare to watch this one.

IFC Films

This Finnish creature movie is plucked straight from your feathery nightmares. The flick introduces Tinja, a 12-year-old girl who discovers a strange egg that hatches into a monstrous bird. The horrendous creature contrasts greatly with her family’s expectations of perfection. So it’s kind of like a cursed version of E.T. Well, maybe not. You can watch and come to your own conclusions.

Video screenshot by Meara Isenberg/CNET

While it’s not a full-on horror flick, Thelma is a powerful supernatural thriller that deserves a spot on this best list. A young woman begins college and grows close to a fellow student. It soon becomes clear that she has unwieldy powers. This stunning, haunting Norwegian coming-of-age movie is a must-watch.


If you count incredibly capable, invisible killing machines as scary, you may be watching some of the scenes in Prey through your fingers. This addition to the Predator franchise takes place in the Comanche Nation 300 years ago and centers on a young warrior named Naru. Watch this one for a compelling underdog story about a human determinedly fighting against a powerful alien.

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