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Ten years ago, Hasbro announced something akin to a disturbance in the Force—and Star Wars toy fans’ wallets: The Black Series, a brand new line that would bump the iconic heroes and villains of the galaxy far, far away up to 6″ scale for the first time (and away from the 3.75″ scale Star Wars changed the game with).

Since then, countless characters from movies, games, comics, streaming shows, and more have made their way onto our desks and shelves—classic heroes like Han, Luke, and Leia; all-new ones still unknown when the Black Series began like Rey, Finn, and Poe; cult faves like Thrawn; and more Mandalorians of all sorts and stripes than you can shake a camtono of beskar at. To celebrate a decade since we first saw a glimpse of the Star Wars action figure future, here’s a look down memory lane of some of our personal favorites from the line.

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