The Mayfair Witches Will Cast Another Season of Spells

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Angels are coming to Evil, and apparently, they’re not not evil. Scott Lang’s Ant-Man autobiography has somehow become a real thing you can read. Plus, Velma gets ready to solve her first-season mystery. And I would have gotten away with it, too, if not for these meddling spoilers!

Green Bank

Variety reports Tatiana Maslany and Jasmin Savoy Brown are attached to star in Green Bank, a new sci-fi horror film from Scare Me and Werewolves Within director, Josh Ruben. Said to “take place in a real American town where wifi, cell service, and all other radio transmissions are heavily forbidden,” the story follows “infant sleep-trainer Sloan (Brown), who realizes that the parents of the child she’s caring for are much more than the clueless yuppies they seem to be.”

Holland, Michigan

THR also has word Gael García Bernal will star alongside Nicole Kidman in Holland, Michigan a “Hitchcock-style thriller involving secrets that lurk beneath a Midwestern town” from Fresh director Mimi Cave.

The Exorcist

According to Deadline, Lidya Jewett (Black Panther) has joined the cast of David Gordon Green’s The Exorcist at Blumhouse. Details on her character are not available at this time.

Untitled Damien Leone Project

In conversation with Insider, Damien Leone revealed he has a project in development at Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures he hopes to film before Terrifier 3.

There is an original project I have in development with Ghost House Pictures, which is Sam Raimi’s production company. So if that happens, that would be amazing. I’m really hoping that that could happen before Terrifier 3, or it might happen right after, we’ll see.

Detective Pikachu 2

According to Polygon, Detective Pikachu 2 is still in “active development” at Legendary.


Bloody-Disgusting reports Adam Driver’s alien dinosaur movie, 65, is now slated for a March 10, 2023 release date.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

Scott Lang’s in-universe autobiography Look Out for the Little Guy! is now available to pre-order on Amazon.

Five Nights at Freddy’s

Filming has officially begun on the live-action Five Nights at Freddy’s movie.

The Lighthouse Witches

Deadline reports Vera Miao (Two Sentence Horror Stories) is now developing a TV series based on C.J. Cooke’s 2021 novel, The Lighthouse Witches, at Studiocanal and The Picture Company. Cooke’s novel follows a mother and her three daughters as they “arrive on a mysterious Scottish island to run a decrepit lighthouse. When single mother Liv is commissioned to paint a mural in a 100-year-old lighthouse on a remote Scottish island, it’s an opportunity to start over with her three daughters–Luna, Sapphire, and Clover. When two of her daughters go missing, she’s frantic. She learns that the cave beneath the lighthouse was once a prison for women accused of witchcraft. The locals warn her about wildlings, supernatural beings who mimic human children, created by witches for revenge. Liv is told wildlings are dangerous and must be killed. Twenty-two years later, Luna has been searching for her missing sisters and mother. When she receives a call about her youngest sister, Clover, she’s initially ecstatic. Clover is the sister she remembers–except she’s still seven years old, the age she was when she vanished. Luna is worried Clover is a wildling. Luna has few memories of her time on the island, but she’ll have to return to find the truth of what happened to her family. But she doesn’t realize just how much the truth will change her.”

Mayfair Witches

The series about Anne Rice’s modern-day witches has been renewed for season two, according to Variety, who addsProduction on season two is expected to begin later this year in New Orleans.”

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Production has officially wrapped on the first season of Percy Jackson and the Olympians.


In conversation with TV Line, co-showrunner Robert King confirmed the third season of Evil will focus on angelic entities that are no less frightening than demons.

The interest of the show is to try to keep things scary, funny, dramatic and emotional and the problem you have with the divine is often that it’s not as dramatic or not as horrifying as the satanic — until you read the Bible and see how terrifying angels are. The last word out of that angel’s mouth was hope, and then that seemed kind of corny and we dropped it. But I do think that our idea is to try to find a way to balance the horrifying with the more hopeful.

The Flash

TV Line’s Matt Ausiello also revealed the season nine premiere of The Flash includes “a brief pillow fight, lotsa shirtless Barry, and an ‘Ooh, did I hear that correctly?’ name-drop from another Arrowverse series.”


Finally, Velma must find a way to recover her mother’s memories in the trailer for “The Brains of the Operation,” her first season finale at HBO Max.

Velma Season Finale Promo (HD) HBO Max adult Scooby-Doo series

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