The top lifestyle trends to look out for in 2023

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This is a new year and there’s a whole new world out there.

People, we’ve made it through a global economic recession, the confinement of the pandemic, loads of power outages, water issues, and other events up and down the country that were difficult to process. Interestingly, while these events were things that we triumphed our way through… They also shaped the world and have influenced what may be coming our way.

So let’s look at the top lifestyle trends set to rock the year 2023.

Becoming a better you

Who didn’t spend a bit of the pandemic-induced lockdowns indulging in their hobbies and honing their skills? It was during this time that people discovered what they really enjoyed and what they were good at, and many went further… Taking online classes, mastering exotic cuisines, learning a foreign language, or adding a musical instrument to their repertoire.

Well, in the year 2023 we’ll see more of this trend. If you want to be the best you that you can be, take this as a sign. Go for it!

Go outdoors, get outside

Call it the lockdowns that forced us indoors for weeks on end or the stress of working our way out of the ensuing economic chaos, but the last 2 years have given us a greater appreciation for getting outside in nature. For some, it’s been about heading out for a day hike in search of brighter pastures, but we’re hearing of others who are really taking it to the extreme by spending several months camping.

In addition to more people heading out into nature, part of this trend in 2023 will also see more families relocate to rural areas in a bid to escape the rising cost of city life, and more fashion brands include camping/outdoor looks into their buying plans.

Global adventures

When the world opened up we saw people travel freely once again. But the reality is that this number wasn’t as high as it could’ve been. This is mostly because so many lost their jobs and their businesses, forcing people to tighten their belts and do everything that they could to bring in an income. It’s now 2 years on, and the travel trend that started is beginning to pick up again. We should even see parents traveling to provide their children with a global education after 2 stressful years of ‘pandemic this, mask that.’

So look, if you have a dream to see the world, stop delaying. Speak to a travel agent today and figure out what you need and how much money it’ll take to get you to places you never thought you’d see.

Low intensity workouts

When gyms, studios, and classes were closed due to the pandemic, walking truly took centre stage. Not only for those who love to exercise, but also for people who just wanted to get out of the house. People who didn’t realise that they kind of enjoy moving their bodies and that walking in the fresh air helped them feel good and wasn’t painful.

Essentially, walking became accessible and when the pandemic ended, it wasn’t just the exercise-junkies who strapped on their takkies and went outside. It was everyone. Now, in 2023, you can expect to hear more about lower-intensity movement, including lengthy walks, mat work, pilates, and mobility exercises.

The year of yes

We’re pretty excited about all of these trends, but perhaps the ‘social abundance’ trend is our favourite. Sounds a bit fruity, but this trend hinges on people looking for more social connections, new friends, and experiences after restricting interactions for a number of years, and possibly delaying dreams and plans.

The future looks bright and saying yes to more love and healthier, alternative ways to release energy will be crucial to this.

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