Tiger Global’s India returns ‘way below average’ but firm remains bullish, says Scott Shleifer • TechCrunch

Tiger Global believes India is likely to produce the highest equity returns globally, its partner Scott Shleifer said on an investor call Tuesday, even as he admitted the investor giant has made way more money in China and the U.S.

“We think it will be the best place to invest,” said Shleifer of India. “We were able to purchase 16 or 17% of Flipkart for $8 million in 2010,” he said of the investment in the e-commerce giant, which is currently valued at over $36 billion. “We were able to purchase 10% of Inframarket for $8 million. We purchased a third of Upstox for $50 million.”

Shleifer acknowledged the global investors’ concerns that India has so far not produced much returns.

“Returns on capital in India have sucked historically. “If you look at market leading internet companies whether it is Google, Facebook, Alibaba or Tencent, revenue got bigger than cost more than a decade ago. You had a great legacy of last 17-18 years of materially profitable internet companies. So returns on equity in the internet got really high and the returns for investors have been really high. But that did not happen in India.”

Until the past two or three years, India had about zero profitable internet startups even as banks and firms in other industries flourished, he said. “As a result, returns on capital for investors like us have been below average … way below. Our returns in India is something like 20% gross since inception. That compares to mid-30s in the U.S. on the private side, and low 50s in China. But that’s the past,” he said.

This is a developing story. More to follow.

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