TikTok is testing a way to reset your For You page

If you’re sick of the videos TikTok is serving up on the For You page, there may soon be a way to hit reset.

The company is testing a new feature called Refresh, according to spokesperson Jamie Favazza, that will surface videos based how you use the app after you press the button. The feature could be useful if you are getting too much of the same thing on your feeds or if (according to TikTok) the videos being served aren’t relevant or entertaining anymore. The test, which will begin in the next few days, will only be available to a small number of users at this time.

TikTok employees are able to put their thumb on the scale and make certain videos go viral

How TikTok curates users’ For You pages has been a topic of controversy, especially with how closely guarded the company is about its recommendations algorithm. In January, TikTok confirmed to Forbes that some of its US employees are able to put their thumb on the scale and make certain videos go viral, internally known as “heating.”

On the other hand, the company is adding features meant to give users more information on the algorithm that drives the app experience. In December, TikTok announced that users would soon be able to see why a certain video was recommended. Earlier in 2022, the company also rolled out more advanced content filtering settings so users can signal that they don’t want to see videos with certain hashtags or key words.

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