Why you should reserve a Galaxy S23 right now even if you don’t buy it

We are one day away from Samsung’s big Galaxy S23 launch event. People will have the option to preorder the Galaxy S23 starting on February 1st. But leaks indicate the Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and Ultra will all be more expensive than their predecessors in all markets with one exception: the US. Regardless of which market you’re in, however, you should reserve your Galaxy S23 preorder right now. Even if you don’t really plan to purchase any of the three handsets.

Samsung introduced the reservation process a few years ago. It gives people the opportunity to register for preorders with no strings attached. Should buyers go ahead with the preorder process, they’ll receive Samsung credit in return for the earlier registration that can be used for additional purchases.

The Galaxy S23 launch gets the same perks. Buyers can reserve their preorders at this link. They’ll score savings that can be combined with the upcoming Galaxy S23 preorder deals.

Prospective buyers have three options. They can reserve the Galaxy S23 preorder for $50 in Samsung credit. A Galaxy Book preorder reservation also nets them $50. Combine the two, and you can get $100 in Samsung credit.

The credit is good for other products on Samsung’s site, like Galaxy S23 accessories. You’ll need a new case, among other things, so the credit likely won’t go unused for very long.

The best part about the reservation process is that you can combine these savings with the Galaxy S23 preorder deals that Samsung offers. Word on the street is that Samsung will offer free storage bumps during the preorder period.

You’ll reportedly get the 256GB Galaxy S23 for the price of the 128GB version. Similarly, the 512GB Galaxy S23 Plus and Ultra will be available for the price of the 256GB models.

Galaxy S23 Ultra marketing materials leaked ahead of launch.
Galaxy S23 Ultra marketing materials leaked ahead of launch. Image source: WinFuture

Add to that trade-in deals and whatever freebies Samsung might throw at you, and the Galaxy S23 price will be a lot easier to digest in markets where it’s increasing from last year.

That’s the real reason why you should register for Galaxy S23 preorders. The reservation program lets you counter the price hikes, even though you’re not getting cash back. The $50 to $100 Samsung credit will help you offset any price increases. And in the US where there might not be any price hikes, you’ll save even more.

Say you take advantage of the reservation deal and buy one of the three Galaxy S23 models. You can still return the phone if it fails to meet your expectations. But what’s great about the Galaxy S23 is that Samsung is desperate to have a top-notch phone in stores this year.

The Galaxy S22 was a disaster that contributed to Samsung’s poor financial performance last year. Samsung needs a win, and all rumors say the same thing: the Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and Ultra should be excellent phones. But the current economic landscape puts additional pressure on Samsung. That’s why it’ll throw various deals at buyers to win them over.

With all that in mind, the Galaxy S23 preorder reservation is a no-brainer right now. And you only have a few hours to take advantage of it.

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