YouTube rolls out collaborative livestream feature on iOS and Android

The feature enables creators with 50 or more subscribers to invite a guest to livestream with them. Only one guest can be hosted at any given time, however, guests can be rotated during the same livestream and do not share the same 50 subscriber requirement to co-stream — any YouTube creator can be invited to collaborate.

The feature is currently limited to the YouTube mobile app and is not available to desktop users. Creators can schedule a co-stream through YouTube on desktop, but both host and guest will need to connect to the scheduled stream through the YouTube app on a mobile device. YouTube said in its recent tweet that it’s currently exploring adding desktop support for the feature and that it will provide an update sometime in the future.

Users can locate the feature by heading into the YouTube mobile app and selecting the create (+) button at the bottom of the page. “Go Live Together” should then appear within the pop-up options menu. You’ll still see this option even if you do not currently have 50 or more channel subscribers, but will not be able to stream without a host invite.

As interest in content like video podcasting continues to surge, YouTube isn’t the first livestreaming platform to introduce a co-hosting feature. Twitch announced a similar Guest Star tool in June last year which enables a host to invite five additional guests to their stream. Guest Star is still in beta, and unlike YouTube’s “Go Live Together” feature, is only currently available on desktop.

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