Cleaning hacks that’ll blow your mind

We’ve all become pros at occasionally (or more frequently, if we’re honest) performing operation ‘fake clean’ to get our homes looking livable in just a few minutes. While we applaud getting a job done quickly, going faster can ever so rarely = a job done poorly. Don’t worry, we’re not about to tell you that it’s worth spending more time cleaning things properly. Oh no, not us.

But we’re definitely going to share the best cleaning hacks that you can use to clean properly and speedily. We went through and tested a lot of tips on the Internet, all in the name of finding the actual most amazing hacks that will definitely (most probably) work in your house. There were some weird suggestions out there, just so you know… However, we found some great ideas that worked for us, so please let us know if they work for you, too!

Dust ceiling fans with a pillowcase
Slip a pillowcase over each blade and slide it off to pick up dust. This might be our favourite tip, because it’s so mess-free (no dust clumps on the floor, guys).

Blend soapy water on high to get your juicer/blender clean

Use baking soda to deep clean your oven
Coat the racks and interior of your oven with a baking soda mixture (baking soda and water mixed to get a paste-like consistency). Let it sit overnight before wiping off with vinegar.

Wipe your lampshade with a lint roller
This also works with any surfaces covered in pet hair.

Spritz your garlic press with cooking spray before use to prevent goo from getting stuck

Table salt removes scorch marks from your iron
Run your hot iron over salt which will stick to the grimey marks and wipe off when the iron cools down.

Remove fridge stink with coffee grounds
Scoop a few spoons of new or used (doesn’t matter) coffee grounds into a bowl and place on the top shelf of your fridge to soak up all the funky odors. Replace the bowl every 6 weeks or so.

Make your bath sparkle with grapefruit
Sprinkle chunky slices of grapefruit with loads of salt and wipe down your tub.

Sprinkle your carpets and rugs with baking soda, leave for an hour and vacuum

Neutralise odors and clean your microwave with vinegar
Fill a bowl with white vinegar, place in the center of the microwave, and run for 5 minutes. Wipe down with a paper towel.

Get rid of grease stains with cornstarch
Mix cornstarch with water to make a paste, apply to oil or grease spots on furniture and leave on overnight. Clean off and be amazed.

Clean and buff your wooden furniture with apple cider vinegar and olive oil
Sprinkle a few drops of apple cider vinegar to pull the dirt out of the wood and wipe, then polish with a few drops of olive oil to condition.

Wrap stockings around your broom handle and the static will draw all the dust from hard to reach places

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