How R20 can keep you and your neighbours safer

What do a packet of chewing gum, a bar of soap and a geyser have in common? (It’s not a cheesy joke, promise!)

They all cost R20.

While the bar of soap or chewing gum won’t last long, just R20 a month can protect you and your neighbours from injury and damage caused by burst and leaking geysers.

King Price will already repair or replace geysers that burst, rupture, leak, rust, decay, deteriorate gradually, suffer wear and tear, or split. And now, for just R20 monthly, we’ll make sure that geyser installations comply with all safety legislation and issue you with a COC (certificate of compliance) to give you added POM (peace of mind) up to R2,000.

The king’s geyser guard looks after you and your neighbours:

  • As more geysers in your community become compliant, the shared safety risk reduces dramatically.
  • With compliance sorted, the potential for geyser-related damage decreases.

And we’ll also save you money:

  • If you register your geyser claim with us and the repair/replacement is done by 1 of our approved and appointed contractors specific to your claim, there’s no excess.
  • We only use licensed contractors, so that we can control costs and quality.

Want a quote to see how the king’s cover can keep your community safer? Click here to get a quote.


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