Savvy in 60: Decreasing premiums

Welcome! You’re watching ‘savvy in 60’… A series that aims to make you more insurance savvy by breaking down insurance lingo, types of cover and much more.

And today, we’re looking at King Price’s decreasing premium model.

Yeah, you heard that right. We offer car insurance premiums that decrease monthly. The reason for this is that cars are always losing value. (From the day you leave the dealership, until the day it hits its last km.) So, we believe it’s only fair to pay less every month to insure it!

How do you get this cover? Simple, just visit, give us your deets and wait for us to give you a call! With our comprehensive cover and decreasing premiums on your side, you’ll be raking in the savings in no time at all.

Stay savvy. Until next time.

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