Savvy in 60: Tyre and rim cover

Welcome to ‘savvy in 60’… A series aimed at educating you on insurance lingo, types of cover and more.

Today’s topic? Tyre and rim insurance.

Now, as you can probably guess, tyre and rim insurance covers your car’s tyres and rims.

Let’s say you get King Price’s tyre and rim cover and you happen to hit a pothole or drive into broken glass… We’ll repair your tyres if they’re repairable, and we’ll replace them if they’re not. We’ll also fix your rims if we can. Awesome, right?

Just remember, tyre and rim cover isn’t available as a standalone product, so you’ll have to get the king’s car cover first and then add it to your policy. The good news? We offer premiums that decrease monthly as the value of your car drops, so you don’t have to break the bank to get cover!

Simply click here, drop us your deets and we’ll call you back with more info and a super cheap quote!

Stay savvy. Until next time.

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