What is Artifact, the AI social media app from the creators of Instagram?

If you’ve been waiting for a social media platform that merges articles, facts, and artificial intelligence all into one app, boy do I have good news for you.

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, the Instagram co-founders who left the company in 2018, are launching a new social media platform: Artifact. In an Instagram post(Opens in a new window), Krieger called it “a personalized news feed driven by the latest in artificial intelligence.” The waitlist(Opens in a new window) for the Android and iOS app opened up on Tuesday, and folks should be let in soon, according to Plaformer(Opens in a new window), which first reported the news. The publication described Artifact as “TikTok for text.”

“@mikeyk and I made something new: Artifact — a personalized news feed driven by AI that works on your own terms,” Systrom said in an Instagram post(Opens in a new window). “Machine learning has done so many amazing things lately – we’re excited to bring it to you in this new form.”

When you open Artifact, according to Platformer, you’ll see a list of popular articles, and when you click on one that’s interesting to you, you’ll be served more similar posts in the future, kind of like TikTok’s For You page but for news. Beta users are also testing out features that show articles posted by users you follow along with their commentary on the posts and direct messaging inboxes. It seems like it could kind of work as a Twitter replacement, which users have been on the lookout for since Elon Musk took over.

Artifact did not immediately respond to Mashable’s request for comment on more details.

This comes at a time in which everyone has their eyes on AI: how we’re using it now and how it might be used in the future. ChatGPT, an online AI chatbot created by OpenAI in December 2022, is threatening to take over Google(Opens in a new window), revolutionize the way we date, change the ways we learn, and, eventually, maybe even elevate our social media networks.

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