Why you should repair small dents and scratches on your car

There’s an unpleasant scrapey sort of sound as you inch out of your parking bay. It was the only spot you could find in the whole lot, and you had to drive up and down all the levels for so long that you’d run out the clock on that first free hour in order to find it. Sure, it was a bit tight because the guy on your right literally parked right up there on the line and the column on the left was sort of ‘in’ the spot… But it was open, and you took it.

Anything to end the nightmare, right? Unfortunately, you ended up scratching the side of your car, but you think, ‘hey it’s not that bad, it kind of matches the other side where Junior used a stick to draw dusty flowers on the door’. But we’ve got a few reasons why you might want to consider repairing small dents and scratches sooner rather than later. Turns out, it’s a bit of a bigger deal than most car owners think and by ignoring small scratches or dents you could end up paying a lot of money later on.

It’s far better to get the king’s scratch and dent insurance for a super affordable monthly fee. And even though it’s called ‘scratch and dent’ insurance, we actually insure a lot more than scratches and dents.

In fact, we also include insurance for:

  • Unlimited tar removals.
  • Unlimited small chips to a limit of R3,000 per claim.
  • Repairs to your car’s mag wheels and wheel rims.
  • Hail damage (limited to once a year/once in a 12-month period).

With all this cover included and the frequency with which incidents happen that give your car that ‘seen better days’ look, it just makes sense to use a policy like this. Aside from this, there are some extra rather good reasons why you’d need a scratch and dent policy, just in case you need more of a reason to consider this policy.

More insanely good reasons why you should consider scratch and dent insurance:

Visible damage affects the resale price of your car, especially if you choose to sell it privately

Not only do scratches, chips, and dents make buyers think less of the car itself, but it could also signal that you’re a negligent owner. Next, they’ll be wondering what else could be wrong with the car that they can’t see. This’ll either put them off altogether or motivate them to drive the price down.

Minor damage could turn into something more serious

Let’s say you’ve been in a really small fender bender and your car doesn’t look too bad, so you avoid getting it checked out. That’s a mistake, because sometimes there’s a bigger issue beneath the surface that could result in higher costs and risks to your safety on the road if left ignored.

Rust rust rust

The paint on your car prevents the elements (think rain, hail, and dirt) from compromising the quality of the metal underneath. When the paint job is damaged, it causes your car’s exterior to become vulnerable to rust and corrosion. And that’s not a problem you want.

If you’re insured, you’re more likely to keep your car in good condition

If you’ve got the king’s scratch and dent insurance, then you’ll know that you can’t let the damage accumulate and will need to claim per incident. This way, when things happen and you’ve got the insurance in place, you’re more likely to let us sort the repairs out for you. In the long run, this prevents more expensive issues from cropping up and helps maintain your car’s value.

Unfortunately, there’s no magic paint that you can slap on to fix up minor dents and scratches. It’s the kind of thing that needs a professional. With their own tools. And probably car paint supplies (not nail polish). That’s why it’s better to call us and claim from your royal scratch and dent cover so that we can sort it all out for you using our tried and tested, royally approved partners.

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