Household items you won’t regret spending more on

Everyone’s worried about how much everything costs… And for good reason. With the way our expenses are increasing, it’s tough to decide when and where we should spend more money. If you’re anything like us, you’re probably experiencing moments of panic whenever you have to swipe for more than R100.

The thing is, there are loads of household items that you can buy second hand so that you can still get good quality without the massive price tag. And yet, in spite of this… There are still going to be products that we can’t (or shouldn’t) thrift.

We took a poll around the kingdom to find out which household items our royal colleagues regularly splurge on, and honestly, some of their answers were pretty surprising.

Here are the top items we believe are worth the extra money

  • Bin liners: The thin, weaker bags split easily and spill bin juice everywhere. Ugh.
  • Light bulbs: The more expensive bulbs that use less power and last longer are the better choice. Strangely enough.
  • Vacuum cleaner: A good quality vacuum cleaner lasts longer and does a better job than the cheapest model you can find, which ends up breaking within a year and making more noise than it’s worth.
  • Bed sheets: It’s not about an exorbitantly-priced, million-thread count set of sheets, but the reality is that opting for a higher thread count will mean a comfier night’s sleep and longer-lasting sheets.
  • Coffee maker: If you’re a regular coffee drinker, then invest in a reliable machine that makes decent coffee so that you can avoid paying for your daily cuppa.
  • Paint: Cheaper wall paint is more diluted and needs more coats, so you use (and therefore pay) more. Also, it’s harder to keep clean, so it looks cheap and like it’s in need of a touch-up very quickly.

What about the things that don’t have to be expensive

Clearly it saves to spend more when it comes to certain household items. But does that mean you have to spend more on everything? Do all the things you use and want in your home have to be more expensive?

No. No, they don’t.

For example, you don’t necessarily need to hire an expensive maintenance service, like lawn care. This is definitely something you can handle yourself if your budget is on the tighter side of things.

You also don’t need to go for the super pricey décor items if you want to make your home look nice, not when the thrift shop market in South Africa is thriving. Seriously, Instagram and Facebook are swarming with accounts selling great quality items, like lamps, picture frames, and even furniture for much lower prices than you’ll find in the shops.

Something else that doesn’t have to cost a lot is the king’s home contents insurance. Because after all that effort you’ve put into choosing which household items you need to invest in vs. which products you can decide to spend less on, it would be devastating if there was an accident or break-in and you didn’t have cover to fall back on.

Why choose our royal home contents insurance

Some boring insurers only have the 1 home contents insurance policy. Not us. The king went to great pains to develop 2 outstanding home contents insurance policies, each of which is geared to cover your homely possessions in a particular way.

For starters, our fire and fury option covers your stuff against a wide range of risks but not against theft. It’s perfect for the security-conscious who want more affordable cover against fire, explosions, storms, flooding, etc.

Of course, if you’re after more cover that includes theft, then we’ve also got our comprehensive option.

If you’re not sure which is right for you, then talk to us.

Remember, our mission is to help you!

And if you don’t have any home or car insurance at all, then click here to get a commitment-free quote today.

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